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Enhance Your Vaping Experience With The Mighty Vaporizer
It feels sad to note that people, despite having the power of searching information about electronic cigarettes on online forums and blogs, continue smoking traditional cigarettes, because they believe that the digital counterparts will not provide them with the same experience that the traditional does. Had they bothered to research online, they would have discovered that nicotine, the chemical that causes cigarette addiction is an alkaloid, derived from several types of plants, which includes the tobacco plant too. Nicotine is harmless, but the other chemical compounds in cigarette smoke are highly toxic and are the primary cause of lung disease and chronic bronchitis by damaging the airways as well as the alveoli of the smoker. A few of these chemical compounds are directly responsible for causing lung cancer too.

Harming the health of your family members
Passive smoking, also known as secondhand smoke is directly responsible for causing the health-related problems mentioned above to your family members too, when they inhale air inside the room you are smoking, especially in a poorly ventilated room, as it prevents minuscule particles of a toxic chemical from dispersing. This allows the poisonous compounds to hang in the air, and get inside the lungs of your kids and wife when they breathe in the air inside the room. You still have the opportunity to save your life as well as that of your near and dear ones by switching over to electronic cigarettes immediately.

Does e-cig provide the same satisfaction as traditional cigarettes?
Since the e-juice of electronic cigarettes contains nicotine, they offer the same satisfaction as those provided by classical cigarettes. However, their vapor does not cause any harm to anybody, as they contain a mixture of nicotine, water, glycerin, propylene glycol along with flavoring agents. The lithium-ion battery along with the microelectronics inside the e-cig provide power to a coil of resistive wire, which heats the e-liquid cartridge encapsulated inside the wires, causing the liquid to boil and converting it to vapor.

Vapor that tastes exactly like the traditional cigarette
If you purchase a tobacco flavored cartridge, you will not be able to differentiate the e-cig's vapor from the traditional cigarette's smoke. Considering these facts, it is time you stopped smoking classical cigarettes and started vaping electronic cigarettes instead.

I have heard about e-cigs exploding
You might face problems with exploding e-cigs if you purchase a cheap brand manufactured in a third world country in underground labs that have no diagnostic equipment to test their products or have any quality control in place. However, opting for brands, manufactured by local and reputable companies ensures that you can enjoy vaping your electronic cigarette without any problems.

Disposable first
It is best to start with a disposable model, which offers approximately 250 puffs so that you can get the hang of the digital cigarette and realize that it provides you with the same smoking experience like the normal cigarettes provide. Once satisfied, you can go for models with refillable tanks and adjustable temperature controls. They allow you to increase the volume of vapor by increasing the temperature of the coils. Such models also contain an LCD panel that displays the coil's temperature.

The dilemma
You might face problems in selecting a suitable model as most reputable companies offer different types of e-cigs such as:
• Disposable
• Ego style
• Cigalike
• E-cig mods

As you have already tried the disposable model, it is time for you to find something different that is best suited for your taste, needs, and style. I would suggest the Mighty, as it is unarguably the best handheld vaporizer available.

Best Handheld Vaporizers - Mighty
Manufactured by Storz & Bickel, the leaders of the vaporization market, the Mighty is quite similar to its sibling... the Crafty. The Mighty is an excellent quality portable vaporizer that is better than most other good desktop units are. The potency, smoothness, and quantity of vapor it generates are the best. However, this model is best suited for home use, as its size does not allow you to store it in your pocket.

Durable and easy to clean
It is quite durable despite the fact that it is made of thick plastic. Cleaning the herb chamber of this device is easy and straightforward. The LED display unit on the front displays the temperature accurately. Although this model is designed for use with concentrates, you can use it with herbs too. This beauty heats up in two minutes, is priced affordably, and comes with a huge bundle of accessories. Look no further than the Mighty for vaping sessions by yourself or with your friends.